Old Age Love

The night unfolds
As the sun then sets
The day’s worries;
All past ahead.

The humming birds,
Then set to work
The bats and owls
All seem so fresh

Past trees and leaves,
The winds too loud
Like sounds of waves
Against the strand

Walking hand in hand
The couple, too old
Their worries and pains
Against the shore

The age that wears
Did not affect them
Their love and peace
In their locked hands.



The War in Syria and what we can do to help against a 21st Century War Criminal

The truth which media hides!

Stephen Liddell

Todays posting isn’t going to be about some wishy-washy subject.  I’m going to write about something important and something which is killing thousands of people every month, the civil uprising and war in Syria.   I’m writing because it is important and we CAN do something.  Up to 5000 people a month visit this blog, that is a lot of people who can do something.  It is also the same number of people who are dying each month in Syria.

For over 2 years now, the brave people of Syria have been rebelling against their dictator.  At first the protests were peaceful and to a degree they were tolerated.  The Syrians were enthused by the democratic changes taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya as well as protests throughout the Middle-East as part of the Arab Spring.   Their target was the overthrow of the Assad regime who have ruled over Syria for…

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Ahead of Life

Ahead of life i think i am;
For worries and troubles don’t hinder my way,
The pains and sorrows don’t show their face,
And the soul of mine is at its ease.

Ahead of life i think i am;
‘Cause happy moments brighten up my day,
The love and care with kindness lace,
My heart and soul in an unknown peace.

The world is dark and darker it gets;
Our thoughts wander and wander ahead;
We are in burden, we are in debts
The tears in eyes we just can’t shed.

Out of our bodies, and into thin air
Our souls like spirits free,
Travel and dare,
Locked they were and death was their key.

Ahead of life i think i am
Happiness, pleasure, finally the mind at Peace!

Marium Umar

I’m Not Beautiful. And That’s Fine by Me.

Not Taken, Not Available

Two weeks ago, I got my hair trimmed, layered in the front, and blow-dried in such a way that it actually looked pretty good. I know it must have looked all right, because my grandmother, with whom I was dining that night, said, “Oh, my! Don’t you look beautiful!”

I tried unsuccessfully to brush wispy bangs out of my eye and replied with a grimace, “Take it in while you can, Grandma, because this is the last time it’s going to look this good until the next time I have to get it trimmed.”

Still, the next time I saw her, she exclaimed in disappointment, “What happened to your bangs? They looked so nice!”

I shrugged. “I went with the wash-and-wait-for-Denver’s-dry-climate-to-air-dry-it look, Grandma. And besides, they were getting in my eyes. I like ’em a lot better pulled back with the rest of this mop.”

Alas for my grandmother, who…

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Dandelion Wish


They say that when you see a dandelion seed,

All white and angelic,

Flying about you,

Reach out

And hold it gently in your palms.

Then close your eyes,

And make a wish,

And blow it away.

It will carry your wish unto the heavens

Where it will be fulfilled.


But that old woman with wrinkles,

Who used to work on the fields all day,

and who hummed as she worked;

She told me that is not how it happens.

She says that when you catch a dandelion seed,

Then close your eyes, make a wish, and blow it away,

The seed flies to a foreign land

Where it falls

And then grows.

And when it grows, insects make their homes beneath it.

And when they protect them from danger,

They pray for the person who blew the seed their way.

They pray that their wishes come true,


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The Truth of Life

It takes a lifetime to learn lessons at once
I risked my heart and learnt the hard way
Care? Nobody gives a thought about!
Alone in the darkness of the night, i lay
Lay, shedding tears of pain and of agony, of depression and of fear

Does it matter anymore to anyone?
Ah! Nobody aint worried, i gather that now

Aint it the survival of the fittest?
They kill you emotionally and you live because you have to
Or because you have breaths remaining!
Or maybe just because that is the way of life;
To live till death is conferred upon you!

They hurt me, i want them to know
In front, i lie, perfect i feel at mind, at body, at heart
When i know the severity of the pain,
The grieve in the heart that hurts the imprisoned soul

And every time i lie, a stab right through my heart,
Punishes me for the uncommitted sin

It’s ok, i say to me
Won’t last forever, the pain won’t last forever

Death is merciful,
Will take over the pain, the agony, the depression, i hope!

Marium Umar

Painfully Beautiful !

It was midnight and the whole house seemed at rest. In the great mansions, each and every door was closed. Sarah along with her husband lay quite on the bed. She was in pain. It was evident from her expressions. Saad, her husband was fast asleep, oblivious to the pain which swallowed his wife. She was expecting and the delivery date was of the current month. There had been preparations for the ‘new guest’ and along with the parents the grandparents were as active as children, wandering in and out of shops and getting hold of every beautiful baby thing they could lay their hands on. During the days, the home would be filled with exclamations of only one word ;baby.

As Sarah lay on the bed, she clenched her fists hard, swallowing something with difficulty. It was a pain she had never experienced before. Her face went from red to pale as she abruptly sat on the bed. Before she could gather the energy to get up and visit the toilet, a wave of nausea hit her and she threw up. The muffles of pain together with the sobs woke Saad up who got immediately concerned. He helped his wife sit upright and gave her a glass of water. It was a caring gesture and Sarah felt better.

“Thank you! I feel bet …,” Sarah was saying but something hindered her speech. She could not breathe. Her face went white and Saad called his mother in her room, alarmed.

“Mama, Sarah is not feeling well, can you please come up,” he said in one breathe.

His mother having had identified the situation asked Saad to call an ambulance immediately. 

She reached the room and helped Sarah lie down. Sarah did not find comfort anywhere. She was in pain and now hot tears started to escape her eyes.

“Mama I…” she said but could continue no further.

The ambulance came and they helped Sarah into i. She was gasping for breathe. Her face ws as white as snow, her eyes watery. Saad could not bear the sight. His wife looked painfully beautiful and he gently held her hand.

Sarah was taken to the delivery room and all Saad could hear were cries. Cries of pain. He waitd there for what seemed like ages, before a doctor came out, looking as pale as Sarah had.

“I am sorry,” she said. That was it. Just three words and Saad’s world crumbled to sand. He closed his eyes and having lost his balance, fell on the floor. His mother, tears rushing down her face, consoled him

“You have to be there for Sarah,” his mother told him between sobs. ” She needs you.”

Sarah was shifted to a private room and Saad hesitated before he entered. As he entered, he stopped when he saw Sarah’s face. An angel, a ghost, a fairy? He could not gather the word. She looked out of this world. Painfully beautiful, he thought.

Tears were pouring like diamonds from her eyes, her face as white as ever. She was completely lost. Lost in the pan of a mother’s grieving heart. Something seemed to have clenched her soul as she lay there, holding a smiling face in her hand.

Saad went near and gasped when he saw ‘his girl’. The baby was no less than an angel and an identical of her mother. With the eyes closed she, the angel seemed to be sleeping but in reality she was away. Far, far away from her grieving parents. She was dead. Saad couldn’t bear the sight of his daughter lying motionless in his wife’s arms. To him it all seemed like a dream. A very bad dream. A nightmare.

“She is beautiful,” he said. “Painfully beautiful.”

Sarah looked up and met her husband’s eyes. There were tears running down their faces, their thoughts in the same line and their eyes speaking to each other. The pain in one’s heart open to the other. Saad put his arms around his wife and his daughter. He put his thoughts aside and sais, “i love you, both.” And he meant it.

A sight so beautiful, filled with love could be accompanied with pain and agony? Nobody could even imagine. As they stood observing from the door, tears streamed down the eyes of the grandparents. The sight was truly, painfully beautiful. Their heart ached at the silence of the world around them, it ached for their children, it ached for the beauty in pain. A beauty in dying. A beauty already dead. Painfully beautiful.